List of options

To access the menu of the voice server, you have two ways :
- To the question, «dial the number of your correspondant», reply by : * * #
(twice the Star Key and the Hash Key).
- To end your call and to return to the general menu, dial * *
(twice the Star Key). The call in process takes end and you access again to the menu of the voice server.

The general menu is the following :
(click on the option you are looking for to get the information about)
Option nr. 1 To make a call : dial 1
Option nr. 2 To tranfer the credit of your card to a new card : dial 2
Option nr. 3 To check our tarrifs : dial 3
Option nr. 4 To modify the language or the currency : dial 4
Option nr. 5 Extra Services : dial 5