About us

In 1999, the french company MDM SCS creates a specific service of callback named ArmenCall in order to help you to save money on your international long distance calls from/to Armenia.

This specific service allows to reduce the amount of your international calls from and/or to the new republics of the Communauty of the Independant States in general and Armenia in particular.

MDM SCS establish carriage agreements with the biggest worldwide carriers in order to allow you to access the lowest cost of telecommunication.

ArmenCall is a service that can be used on any touch-tone phone from your office, home or from your cellular phone or any other place.

There are not monthly fees, sign up charges or minimum usage requirements for the service of ArmenCall.

How does it work ?

To connect our network, you need to dial a CLI number («Presentation of Calling Number») or a DID («Personnal Calling Number») in France in order to identify on which phone number ou network will call you back.

Then, in a few seconds, you have been connected to our network and you are dialing the phone number of your correspondant. For more informations, click here!

How to sign-up ?

To open an account to ArmenCall or to buy phone calling card prepaid, click here and fill the formular. A soon your demand has been received, we are sending you a CLI number or DID number with your PNI CODE to access our your network.

When your payment is registered, your account will be credited accordingly and you will use our services from anywhere around the world.

From the most of european countries, we are giving you a CLI number in France and from the other countires we are giving you a «Personnal Calling Number»; in the both case, you should call the number that we are giving you to get back a call in order to be connected to our network. To place a call, follow step by step the calling instructions.

Other features

The voice server offers the possibility to control the rest of your available credit of communication, modify the language, modify the currency, etc . . . Therefore you'll see by yourself that your are saving money on your international calls.

To add credit on your account or on your phone calling card, contact our customer service or one our our resellers to get a new PIN CODE. The procedure to add a credit is well explain into our web pages. For more infomations, click here!

You are travelling and you would like to use your ArmenCALL's account from, for example from another country that your usual country, then the option «Follow Me» can help you ! This option allow you to modify the DID number where our server calls you back. For more informations, click here!

You have a problem, check the Frequently Asked Questions. You have a question about you didn't find any answer into our web pages ! Contact us! Our Customer Service will happy to help you.

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